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Brand new rabbit production introduced for Summer 2014

Zippy Junior has decided to introduce a brand new rabbit production from Summer 2014. This has been designed and produced by Made to Measure Magic, a British company that Zippy Junior has bought from for many years. You may have seen the ‘Bingley Brothers Circus’ routine if you have seen any of Zippy’s shows in the past 12 months. This has now been retired, as Zippy likes to keep his shows ‘fresh’ so that his repeat customers and guests don’t see the same tricks and routines twice.

The new routine and magic trick is guaranteed to be a big hit with the children. This particular product is called the ‘DIY Dolls House’. Zippy Junior has just finished the preparation for the routine. It will of course involve the birthday child helping him to build a new dolls house that he has purchased. Zippy Junior will dress the assistant up in a hard hat, funny builders attire and will give the assistant some tools to help him. There will be lots of fooling around and jokes included. When the house is complete and the roof has been attached, the front door will be opened to reveal a live rabbit.

This routine will be introduced on all 1hr and 2hr shows with effect from 12 July 2014

zippy_junior_rabbit_production_1 zippy_junior_rabbit_production_2 zippy_junior_rabbit_production_3