Halloween Functions

The Halloween shows are tailor-made for Halloween. Zippy Junior can provide either a 1hr or 2hr show. The magic shows are Halloween themed which tricks and routines based around ghosts, witches and monsters. These shows are suitable for the younger audiences. Nothing is ‘frightening’, but very bright, colourful and funny. A live rabbit will feature in the Halloween shows. Zippy Junior will use a spooky themed production when magically making the rabbit.

The 2hr shows will also include a disco with all of the Halloween classics such as ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Monster Mash’. Zippy Junior will use flashing lights and smoke effects can be used with permission from the venue.

The party games  are all based around Halloween. Zippy Junior is more than happy to host ‘Apple Bobbing’ which must be provided by the client. Zippy Junior will provide some small prizes in this 2hr show.

Balloon models will be based around the Halloween theme. He can make ghosts, broomsticks, witches, black cats and one special helper in the magic show will receive a large spooky skeleton balloon.