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Zippy Junior is one of the North West’s most popular children’s entertainers for pre-schools and nursery schools. He has worked at hundreds of schools in the North West. The majority of his shows are aimed at the nursery and pre-school level, targeted at the age group of 7 and under.

Zippy Junior is extremely friendly, approachable and quickly develops a rapport with even the youngest of children. He is totally non-scary and doesn’t dress like a clown. He dresses in bright attire and is always immaculate with his presentation.

The pre-school and nursery functions are perfect for summer graduation events and Christmas functions. Zippy Junior changes his shows on a yearly basis and are always varied, to ensure that the children won’t see the same show over and over again.

Zippy Junior always uses a live rabbit on his pre-school and nursery functions which is always a massive hit with the children. The magic tricks used are specifically targeted to the age group. They are very colourful, visual and educational. Popular nursery rhyme themed tricks are incorporated into the show along with basic counting and colours.

For the larger groups of 30+, the most popular option is the 45 minute magic show. For the smaller groups of less than 30 children, a 1hr show is always a favourite option which will allow Zippy Junior to make a balloon model for each child.

The magic show that Zippy Junior performs is high energy, full of surprises with live animals and contains lots of audience participation.

Zippy Junior has an incredible ability to keep the children mesmerised for a whole 45 minutes, and guarantees that even the youngest guests will sit down for the whole duration of the show.

Zippy Junior will provide your pre-school or nursery with a copy of his DBS certificate, Public Liability Insurance and PAT Test Certificate (Where applicable) and will always issue a detailed invoice.