Circus Skills Workshop

Circus Skills Workshop Package

Zippy Junior’s Circus Workshop begins with a quick demonstration of all of the skills on offer, along with an introductory lesson on how to perform the skill. The different skills are then placed at particular locations around the room or hall.

The children are then divided into groups, and then sent to the location where they attempt the skill. After a short duration, they are then asked to move to the next area to attempt the next.

The children will always get to attempt every skill at least once, and once completed, Zippy Junior then gives them a chance to demonstrate what they have learnt to their friends & family.

Zippy Junior’s Circus Skills include: Juggling Balls, Juggling Silks, Juggling Hoops, Plate Spinning, Diablo Throwing, Devil Sticks, Stilt Walking & Pedal-Go.

The Circus Skills Workshop is not suitable for house parties. We recommend this show takes place in a large hall or gymnasium. It is best suited for the age group of 6 and over.

Zippy Junior regularly provides this package for the local schools in the area, which is provided for by the council. Zippy Junior only offers Circus Skills Workshop shows for midweek events.