2hr Magic and Disco Show

2 Hour Stress Free Magic and Mini Disco Show

The Zippy Junior 2 hour stress free magic and mini disco show is by far my most popular show, and totally stress free for you. All that you have to do is provide the food, the children, and I will do the rest! I guarantee that your party will be a huge success.

Whilst waiting for the children to arrive, I play age appropriate background music.


The show then starts off with a 45 minute magic show, in which I use a live rabbit in my performance. I select some of the children to assist me in my performance, focusing on the birthday child throughout the show. I ensure lots of audience participation in my shows. Every show of mine is tailored to the age group, and all of my shows are age appropriate. I am very approachable and instantly build a rapport with the children.

My magic show starts off with a rabbit production and I always select the birthday child to assist me with this. This ensures they are the star of the show. The birthday child always gets a larger character balloon sculpture and receives a magic set as a gift for their birthday.


Experience has shown that it works best if the children are then seated for their food. At this point, I will walk around the tables and make a balloon model for every child whilst they enjoy the party food. I give the children a choice of approximately 20 balloon sculptures and colours to choose from. The balloons that I use are made by Qualatex. They are the best available and are industry standard.

After the party food & singing “Happy Birthday”, I provide a fun packed hour of games, dance routines & competitions for the children. I teach the children some of the popular dance routines such as Superman, the Music Man, Hokey Cokey, Choco-Late, Chu Chu Ah etc. All of the prizes are supplied by me in this show and I ensure every child wins something to take home. All of the party games played are non-elimination. I supply a pass-the-parcel in the show and include a limbo competition which is always a favourite for the children.

There is no limit to the number of children that you invite and I charge no supplement for joint birthday parties. This show is suitable for the age of 2-7. You can view my other packages by clicking here.